Public Agenda
TYPE: Regular Meeting
DATE: 6/16/2021 TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Providence Career & Technical, 41 Fricker St., Providence, RI
DETAILS: Auditorium
Providence School Board
Convene Meeting
1. Call to Order at 6:30 p.m. - Pledge of Allegiance - Roll Call Action
2. Superintendent's Comments Info
Approve Agenda
3. Approve agenda as presented Action
4. Teacher Retirements Info
Public Comment
5. Public Comment-Right to Be Heard Info
School Board Comments
6. School Board Comments Info
Consent Agenda
7. Approval of Minutes - May 19, 2021 Action
8. Home School Candidates Action
Report on Contracts
9. PBL Works Info/Action
10. Teaching Strategies Info/Action
11. Scoreboard Enterprises Inc. Info/Action
12. Medify Filters Info/Action
13. Materials and Services FY22 Info/Action
14. I-SAFE Enterprises, LLC Info/Action
15. University of Connecticut Summer Institute 2021 Info/Action
16. College Board- Pre-AP Info/Action
17. Ellevation Inc. Info/Action
18. Imagine Learning Info/Action
19. Renaissance Info/Action
20. Saga Innovations Info/Action
21. Savvas Learning Info/Action
22. McGraw Hill renewal Info/Action
Action Items
23. Bradford Scholarship 2020-2021 Info/Action
24. Resolution of the Providence School Board in Support of Safe, Just, and Equitable Schools Info/Action
Policy & Planning
25. Racial Equity Info/Action
26. Stimulus Prioritization and 21/22 Reopening Info
27. Academic Year in Review Info
28. Adjourn Meeting Action
Providence School Board