Public Agenda
TYPE: Finance Committee Meeting
DATE: 7/20/2022 TIME: 5:00 PM
LOCATION: School Board Rooms: 797 Westminster Street
Providence School Board Finance Committee Meeting
Convene Meeting
1. Call to Order Info
Approve Agenda
2. Approval of the Agenda Action
Consent Agenda Action
3. Approval of the Consent Agenda Action
4. Approval of Minutes - (June 8), 2022 Action
Report on Contracts
5. Urban Schools Human Capital Academy FY23 Info/Action
6. Yondr FY23 Info/Action
7. RAD Sports FY23 Info/Action
8. Action Floor Systems Inc Amendment FY23 Info/Action
9. Medify Air Purchase FY23 Info/Action
10. Renaissance Learning STAR FY23 Info/Action
11. Saga Tutoring FY23 Info/Action
12. TNTP FY23 (Leadership Development Programming) Info/Action
13. Discovery Education FY23 Info/Action
14. Imagine Learning (FY23) Info/Action
15. Cengage Learning (FY23) Info/Action
16. Vista Higher Learning (FY23) Info/Action
17. American Reading Company FY23 Info/Action
18. McGraw Hill Literacy FY23 Info/Action
19. McGraw Hill Social Studies (FY23) Info/Action
20. McGraw Hill Math (FY23) Info/Action
21. Great Minds FY23 Info/Action
22. Mind Research Institute FY23 Info/Action
23. Math for Love (Summer 2022) Info/Action
24. New Classrooms (Summer 2022) Info/Action
25. Compensation, Classification and Appropriation Ordinances Info/Action
26. Adjourn Meeting Action
Next Providence School Board Meeting is July 27, 2022.