Public Agenda
TYPE: Finance Committee Meeting
DATE: 9/13/2023 TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: School Board Rooms: 797 Westminster Street, Providence, RI; 3rd Floor
Finance Committee Meeting
1.0 Convene Meeting
1.1 Call to Order Action
2.0 Approve Agenda
2.1 Approve agenda as presented Action
3.0 Consent Agenda Action
3.1 Approval of Minutes July 12, 2023 Action
4.0 Report on Contracts
4.1 Bloom Board Info/Action
4.2 Rice Education Consulting Info/Action
4.3 Presence Learning Info/Action
4.4 Sheehans Office Interiors Info/Action
4.5 Dragonfly Forward, LLC Info/Action
4.6 School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) Info/Action
4.7 School Neuropsychology Institute Info/Action
4.8 Performance Resource Partners Info/Action
4.9 Sonitrol Security Systems Info/Action
4.10 District Management Group (DMG) Info/Action
4.11 Center for Leadership for Educational Equity Info/Action
4.12 Cyber Communications, Inc. Info/Action
5.0 Adjourn
5.1 Adjourn Meeting Action
Next Providence School Board Meeting is September 20, 2023